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Skip the Line: Admission to The Luxury Waterpar...
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Our park is not only a single Waterpark, is the Luxury Waterpark located at Riviera Maya just at the heart of the jungle, where you will spend and amazing, fun and relaxing day at this unique place, you will find slides and different pools that you will enjoy, a lazy River or our spa pool that offers relaxing time to enjoy. Your kids will love our aquatic wonderland and zooming around on all the slides and chutes made just for them. For food and drink don’t worry because we offer 6 great food and beverage outposts, will have always something delicious to suit every taste.Inside of our park there is a exclusive place (extra charge) with 19 private cabanas that come outfitted for posh sunning with lounge beds, exclusive pool area and much more.If you forgot something or need a last-minute bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, sandals or you want a souvenirs, we have a boutique shopping with everything you need.Jungala is a place you will never forget, book now and get ready for our luxury.

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Buch - Schnatter and Lieschen: Lieschen's Name ...
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Two ducks are taking over children's playrooms: Schnatter and Lieschen. These two brand new characters are the creations of author Claudia Raab (50) and illustrator Peter Oedekoven (whose work includes Disney's "Dinosaur" and "Maya the Bee Movie").In volume 1, which has just been published, Schnatter and Lieschen celebrate their name day - and the two little ducks invite all their animal friends. For example there is Eiei, the chicken, who just loves to dance. Then there is Leopold the wolf, a real sports fan, or Mariechen and Käferchen who love to paint. Möwine even comes flying in from England.The new children's book series "Schnatter and Lieschen", with its wonderful illustrations, has over 40 pages all about the beauty and importance of friendship, helpfulness, creativity, music and movement.The children's book series: Schnatter and Lieschen are for children aged between 3 to 8 years.Every book is equipped with a CD. Each volume comes with it's own song on the CD also includes a 15-minute audio book where the story is narrated.Schnatter and Lieschen art the loveliest ducks in the whole world. They spend wonderful times together with their friends, going on great adventures, having fun and learning all sorts of things - and they just love to sing!About the author: Claudia Raab was born in Munich. Before she began writing, she was full-time musician/saxophonist and songwriter, and still is to this day. But she now only rarely goes on tour because her great love is writing children's songs. For the last few years she has commuted between Munich and Brighton in England. This has become her second home now and a great inspiration to her, on which she could no longer do without. About the illustrator: Peter Oedekoven studied film and animation at the California Institute of the Arts in USA and, after graduating, worked on a number of national and international film productions as a character designer and visual developer. Along with his work as a designer in film and animation, he has also been active in the colourful world of comic books and been responsible for illustrated books and books for children and young people. Together with a few like-minded colleagues, he runs the studio DIE ARTILLERIE. He lives in Munich with hiswife and their two children.

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